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SMARTBUILD/Microsoft Collaboration Offers Powerful Construction Solutions

June 21, 2023

Nevada, US — In a partnership that is simplifying construction companies’ workflows while saving time and money, the SMARTBUILD Construction Management Solutions platform is now 'Powered With Microsoft'. SMARTBUILD recently created new modules in its platform designed specifically for contractors’ needs to enhance this partnership as well as users’ experience, and which complement Microsoft Office 365’s many capabilities.

Combining SMARTBUILD’s project management solutions with Microsoft Office applications represents a sea change for the architecture engineering and construction (AEC) industry. It promises to offer a fluid interoperability between the platforms—making the two work together essentially as one solution for SMARTBUILD users.

Not only does the partnership eliminate time consuming steps for users, but these connected platforms also minimize the technical skills and training needed to simply adopt the powerful SMARTBUILD solution. It is well known in construction, which has progressed greatly in technology in recent decades, that weak adoption of platforms required of AEC pros is a big challenge to implementing technology. It also is well known that most users in AEC find Microsoft applications simple to use and already are using many of them.

Construction managers and other AEC pros know the hassle of toggling from one application to another often to schedule deliveries, track requests for proposals, oversee change orders and for other common and repetitive tasks. They know that too many tech solutions utilized at once can lead to confusion or mistakes in overseeing a construction project. That is why this partnership of one of the largest tech companies in the world with an established AEC tech company known for its powerfully simple solutions makes so much sense.

Now, SMARTBUILD is the sole construction management platform designed for small- to medium-enterprise businesses and powered with Microsoft’s extensive applications. 

That partnering solution seemed a no-brainer for SMARTBUILD Founder/Owner Zulq Malik, who formerly owned a general contracting company and has decades of experience in managing construction projects. Aware of contractors’ and designers’ pain points, having experienced them himself while overseeing projects, Zulq knew how construction pros were using tech tools. That knowledge informed his idea to partner with Microsoft to provide an enhanced version of his company’s platform that would be easy to adopt, while saving more time for users by literally keeping them on the same page—no toggling to another application required.

“We knew construction professionals were using tools like Excel for tasks, even though various AEC project management platforms manage some of these tasks fairly well.  So, we thought, let’s build upon our trusted solution by developing its capabilities further, in partnership with Microsoft, and give customers the best of both worlds,” Malik said.  

SMARTBUILD developed its platform with three modules tailored to subcontractors, general contractors, and designers: smartSUB, smartGC, and smartDESIGNER.

Why Microsoft

While other construction tech platforms typically “silo” their solutions in a way that does not truly ease interoperability between various solutions used on the same projects, SMARTBUILD’s leaders saw the unique opportunity to become a part of Microsoft Office 365’s array of solutions while simultaneously adding all the muscle of Microsoft’s solutions to its own group of applications. They also saw the chance to grow their platform’s responsiveness to users, while enlarging their user base, through a partnership with Microsoft.

According to a recent article in Investing, Microsoft’s reach and impact is considerable: Microsoft is the U.S.’s second-largest company by market cap and has made a tremendous impact on the world. When comparing its impact on people’s lives with that of Apple (AAPL), analysts at Business Insider say that Microsoft wins hands down.”

Accounting for 6% of its customer base, construction pros are the largest industry segment of Microsoft users. Hence, the ability of this partnership to grow SMARTBUILD’s customer base and to offer a faster and simpler solution to AEC pros is clear:

  • 345 million people currently use Microsoft 365.
  • In 2022, the Microsoft 365 suite generated $63.36 billion in revenue.
  • Microsoft operates in more than 150 countries and regions.

More than 700,000 construction pros are working in the U.S. and Canada, including 600,000 subcontractors, 70,000 architects and consultants, and 30,000 general contractors. Ninety percent (630,000) of those firms operate as small-medium enterprises with fewer than twenty employees. About 380,000 (60%) of these firms are losing money and time with inefficient processes.

SMARTBUILD/Associated Builders and Contractors
SMARTBUILD unveiled the ‘Powered With Microsoft’ news in March at the ABC 2023 National Convention in Kissimmee, FL. SMARTBUILD is an ABC Tech Alliance business partner and the Official CONTECH Provider for the National Craft Championship. Current ABC members throughout the US qualify for discounts on SMARTBUILD products.

SMARTBUILD is Smart Business
Would you like to save on work hours and training, while minimizing technological hassles? Do you need an easy-to-use platform that functions as a connected part of Microsoft Office 365 applications? Are you ready to make the SMART move? If so, contact SMARTBUILD about how you can make your work easier and your bottom line better, by emailing or call +1-888-403-0421 today.


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